Uniswap can average 1 Billion USD daily volume, sitting at the number 1 spot for all swaps. Now imagine if STATS swap could capture 1% of that long-term, it would drive users to stake their token to earn on the fees being made daily.

The STATS swap will allow users to swap their tokens, fast and simple. We will support any token that has been listed on Uniswap, allowing users to track their portfolio whilst being able to trade hassle-free. To use our swap, you will need a MetaMask wallet which will then connect to our STATS swap on our DApp, with the network being set to Ethereum.

Our Swap will feature a system where we give back to our community and investors with a safe, long-term function. 0.5% of swap fees will go to STATS stakers. We believe this will generate long-term passive income for investors that are willing to buy and stake STATS token. As we grow and so does our volume on our swap, the more fees that the stakers will receive, allowing us to offer an uncapped yield on staking.

We believe with our long-term vision of making our swap become an everyday tool that all users in DeFi use, the more the community gets out of it. STATS focuses on building big, but the community will always be the standpoint for what we want to achieve in this space as this is a product the community needs.

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