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Portfolio Tracker

Management of your portfolio is more crucial than ever. We aim to solve the problems other trackers face, whilst having more functions on our DApp as we develop further. With all portfolio data being in one place.
Whether you have 1 wallet or 200 wallets, we're here to cater to you.
You as an investor can make a more educated and informed decision on when to trade or hodl.
You will be able to view your holdings in real time; how much you hold, the value of your holdings (individually and as a whole), current market cap of your token and price change in the last 1, 6 and 24 hours.
The STATS Portfolio Tracker is our digital platform that allows investors to keep track of all their wallets, coins and manage it with ease. To use it, you must connect your wallet/wallets to our My Portfolio tab on our DApp, enabling you to view all the tokens you hold and their current value.
We will have an option to connect your MetaMask wallet to our DApp or simply type in your wallet address in the search bar without the need of connecting. This will help provide users with an alternative to ensure user safety.
There will be limitations on the number of wallets users will be allowed to use, on our basic level which is free for everyone. Our premium level will be for users that stake our STATS token, this will grant you full access to the portfolio tracker and advanced features on our swap.
There will be an NFT tab next to overview, which will enable you to view all current NFTs that you and others hold.
At STATS, we wanted to take out the hassle of disconnecting, reconnecting and switching between your multiple wallets. We have developed STATS so you no longer have to. All your wallets are in one place. This is where our multi-wallet feature will come into play as we launch our DApp. This will enable users to connect as many wallets as they like on one dashboard. View your portfolio as a whole in real-time, without the annoyance of trying to find X tokens in X wallets.
With STATS, you have the ability to add and hide your assets in the comfort of your interface. We believe this will help massively in controlling how your portfolio looks; cutting down on unwanted tokens, rugged ones that still linger showing they’re worth X amount when they’re non-sellable and being able to focus on the coins that matter to you.