NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are widely used across crypto and DeFi. NFTs are virtual tokens that use blockchain technology to record proof of ownership of everything unique or scarce – such as collectible playing cards or digital artwork.

NFTs have gained high popularity as a way for creators to monetize artwork, songs and images in a way that wasn’t really possible before. They are digitally certified with a unique signature that is practically impossible to forge, giving the maker full credit for their work. When building our portfolio tracker and swap, we wanted to utilize NFTs in a way that would benefit the holder to earn rewards from us.

Our NFTs will be available for our DAO members, as we will be providing them with benefits through staking STATS token.

NFT holders will receive rewards from the fees that our platform generates by allowing tokens to be featured on our main page. Projects can contact us to go other their information and token, once verified whether it's new or old, they will pay a fee for us to show them to our users. This revenue will be distributed to NFT holders.

Platform revenue back to NFT holders.

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