Crypto staking is a way of earning passive income, and it can be seen as the crypto world's equivalent of earning interest or dividends while holding onto your underlying assets. Staking can be a good way for crypto investors to put their holdings to work, earning them interest and rewards. As staking traditional coins can be more volatile, ours depends not on our token price but the daily volume generated through our swap.

Staking with us allows users to earn a share of 0.5% of the fees that our swap generates. This way, the more users that swap with us, the more your staked tokens will earn. This helps the project grow organically and ensures the community pushes with us to get more daily users on our DApp, triggering more swap fees and a bigger yield on your staking.

Staking is a great way of earning passively, ours will come with the benefit of having full access to our DApp. This will enable you to use the DApp at a premium level compared to the basic level - which will be free for everyone. Advanced features on our swap and infinite-wallet portfolio tracking are what premium users will gain from staking.

With communities being the full force of crypto projects, we will strive to get each community member to use our swap daily, to benefit themselves, and all other users who stake.

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