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Investor Safety

The DeFI space has been constantly growing, evolving and getting more use cases as time goes by. Sadly we still have a huge number of false promises, rugs and nasty actors. We are here to change that and to show how powerful a real use case project can be with its full community behind it. We have built this project with a long-term vision in mind. We will ensure we do all that is necessary for our community and investors. Our steps to tackle this will be:
*Conducting Audits once DApp is finished. (Trail of bits most likely).
*Function on our portfolio tracker by adding a wallet address, other than connecting a wallet.
*Liquidity locked for 1 year to ensure your investment with us is safe.
*STATS contract is renounced.
*Marketing wallet which tax will be sent to, will be available to view at all times.
*Active with our community throughout our journey.