Q -Brief overview of STATS?

A - STATS is a portfolio tracker that allows users to view and manage all their wallets, in one place. In addition to that, STATS swap will provide users with a fast, seamless way to swap their tokens at any given time. With staking and NFTs to be released in due course.

Q - Why STATS over other portfolio trackers?

A - We aim to deliver the best user experience one can have when managing their portfolio. We understand the struggle of using multiple wallets daily and the inconvenience it brings. All your wallets, in one hub, track your whole portfolio, find missing gems and know which wallet holds what.

Q - What's so good about STATS Swap?

A - With our swap, comes big benefits for our holders that decide to stake STATS token. Token stakers will get a share of the 0.5% of the fees that we generate from our swap, allowing our yield to grow as we grow. We will also have the addition of our multi-wallet, multi-token as a premium level feature, as basic will be limited.

Q - How to use STATS Swap?

A - Using your MetaMask wallet, ensure that you are connected to the Ethereum network first, then simply go to our swap on our DApp, connect your wallet and you'll be able to start swapping.


A - Yes, STATS will work as a DAO with users becoming DAO members once they stake with us, giving full access to our DApp and rewards.

Q - How does staking work for STATS?

A - Users that stake their STATS token will be able to have a share of the 0.5% fee that our swap produces. More volume on our swap = higher yield. Staking also will grant full access to our DApp.

Q - How will NFTs benefit the holder?

A - Rewards from token trending and platform fees.

Q - What is the basic and premium level?

A - Our basic level will be free to access for everyone. When using our portfolio tracker there will be limitations to how many wallets you can have active at once and will only be able to use our basic swap. The premium level allows full access to our DApp, allowing advanced features on the swap, NFTs and infinite-wallet tracking. Premium will be through staking our token.

Q - Will there be a mobile app coming?

A - In due course, we will release previews of our mobile app to allow more accessibility for our users.

Q - Can we ensure the dev and team will help develop and push this project?

A - We will be active daily with our community whilst we market and grow what we're building. A team member will always be active on Telegram to help.

Q - Why the name STATS?

A - We thought it would fit exactly what we’re striving for here. Portfolio management, swap, staking and NFTs all have one thing in common. They all rely on STATS.

Q - Best way to contact the team?

A - We’ll constantly be active as we build and progress. Joining our Telegram and asking to speak to a team member/admin will be the fastest route. Always verify us in our official Telegram first.

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